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Precise Air Duct Cleaning starts by sectioning off the return air duct system at the furnace area. Then we hook up our 5,000 CFM inverted vacuum system to the return side. We remove the registers from the floors, walls, or ceilings and pan-off the openings. This turns the duct system into a inverted wind tunnel, that pulls the dirt out into our vacuum system. We agitate the dirt with a 25 foot brushing tool and work the dirt towards the vacuum. We brush all the cold air return runs and trunks lines in the basement or crawl space, after the system is brushed down we use 175 PSI air tools using the same process to remove any dust or debris left in the system, when the return air side is done we hook up to the supply warm air side and clean with the same process.

We wash all the registers and register openings, and if needed we can clean the air conditioning coil and pull the blower out of the furnace or the air handler to clean the squirrel cage and secondary heat exchanger.

We can also sanitize your system with our fogging machine if there is any mold present in the system.

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Bellevue, Ohio
Clyde, Ohio
Fremont, Ohio
Findlay, Ohio
Green Springs, Ohio
Gibsonburg, Ohio
Kelly’s Island, Ohio
Maumee, Ohio
Marblehead, Ohio

Middle Bass Island, Ohio
Norwalk, Ohio
Oak Harbor, Ohio
Port Clinton, Ohio
Perrysburg, Ohio
Put-in-Bay, Ohio
Sandusky, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio
Woodville, Ohio

…..and all surrounding communities

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This was an excellent company

I had poormans come to my new home to clean my air ducts , they got the most disgusting dirt mouse bones, and who knows what else out of my air ducts, they took my blower apart and cleaned it , they were fast and accurate, my allergies are better and there is no dust in my home now, this company really went above and beyond.

– from

before clean the air duct


after clean the air duct